Live Band Performance Program

Don’t just learn how to play
be part of a band!

SoundCheck Music School caters to the art of Live Performance. It is extremely important and essential that all students have set goals during their lessons and working towards those goals. A performance is the ultimate goal.

SoundCheck Music School offers one of Los Angeles’s Best Live Band Performance Programs for all students who are ready to take their musical journey to the next level. Students are grouped with other students of similar age and skill level, and are assigned songs that they get to perform at our concert type live shows, at real music venues. The students then have weekly one hour guided rehearsals with SoundCheck Music School’s musical director. 

Students enrolled in the Live Band Performance Program will:
  • Progress in their instrument tremendously, more than you can imagine
  • Become overall better musicians
  • Become better at practicing
  • Build their self-esteem
  • Better their social skills
  • Be musically creative
  • Improve their stage presence
  • Learn to work well with others
  • Learn discipline and leadership
  • Improve communication skills
  • Make friends and perhaps meet their future professional bandmates!

By taking the focus off the individual and creating a team dynamic, students enjoy a more supportive and motivating environment in which to learn. Kids feel more inspired to excel and to help their team to victory at the big show. More importantly, the team dynamic makes it fun to practice and allows kids to become more invested in the learning process.

The best way to learn music is to play music. We take students from the lesson room to the stage, developing both their confidence and musicianship. 

Within their involvement in the band program students will have extra performance opportunities as well as the opportunity to explore songwriting and write their own original songs.

Live Performances

Check out some of our live performance program videos.



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