Bass Lessons

Professional Bass Lessons for beginners to experience players, Serving the San Fernando Valley and surrounding communities.

Bass Playing
For Beginners

Guitar Lessons

Designed to inspire creativity and motivate new students to become the best bass players they can be through weekly private one on one bass lessons.

Our bass instructors are all highly trained performing and studio musicians. We will develop your skills at a pace appropriate for your skill level and growth. Our instructors will teach you music theory and fundamentals using the music and songs you love to listen to.

We believe that lessons are just the beginning of your musical journey. Our hope is to get you on stage performing with our live professional bands the songs you love!.

Take a look at some live performance showcases here.

Our beginner bass lessons will teach you important fundamentals such as; tuning, rhythm, time signatures, proper hand technique, plucking strings, fret notes, note durations and much more. Stage presence and performance are also introduced and encouraged.

Guitar Lessons

ExperiencedE &

Our intermediate to advanced bass lessons are designed to take the skills you have already developed and begin to master them. At this point, you will have already performed live many times, so your stage presence and performance style will be a focal point as you grow as a musician. We also highly encourage our advanced students to join our band program. For more info on our band program click here.

Online Guitar Classes
& In Person Lessons

Guitar Lessons

SoundCheck Music takes your health and safety very seriously. That’s why we’re offering online bass lessons in addition to in-person lessons.  Students choosing to learn bass online will be taught using the same methods we use in our in person lessons.

Live Performances

You can watch some of our live band performances here.



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