“Electra has been teaching my kids for the last 5 years and she is an amazing voice teacher. They always look forward to their lessons with her, and even though she always makes sure that lessons are fun, they are also nothing less than productive. Electra has goals to be met for each lesson, and understands how to help each of my kids achieve them. I am grateful to have Electra as my kids voice teacher.”

Travis Barker

Blink 182

“Electra is one of the best voice teachers that I’ve ever had. I’ve worked with several voice teachers in my career and I’ve never had the success vocally that I’ve had after studying with Electra. I’m currently on the 1st National Tour of Aladdin and came to Electra to work on my technique and breathing as well as being prepared for upcoming auditions. Even though I’m already a professional in the business she was able to pick out things that I needed to work on and helped me understand the voice in a way that I never could have before. My breathing is better, my range is better and I’m able to support my vocals in a way I never could before. I was only in town for a few months and in that short amount of time I’ve made more progress than I have in years.

I will absolutely continue to work with Electra while I’m out on the road. I can’t speak highly enough of her. If you are looking for voice lessons she needs to be at the top of your list.”

Celina Nightengale

(Triple Threat Rock Of Ages/Las Vegas, Aladdin/1st National Tour)

“Electra is incredible. She has quite literally helped me find my voice. She encourages me to grow and expand both vocally and in my performance. I’ve learned techniques that lay the groundwork for all of my singing now, and I’ve discovered how to incorporate intricacies that make my performances so much more dynamic. Very happy to be working with her and would definitely recommend her to any vocalist!”

Jess Weimer

Solo Artist

“I had the pleasure of being Electra’s student many years ago, and I can honestly say that her teachings and technique has not only strengthened my voice, but has given me the confidence to tackle high notes that I never knew I could reach. She is fierce, patient, has genuine care for her students, and pushes you to be the best that you can. Thank you so much Electra for always encouraging me to do my best, without your help I don’t know where I would be vocally.”

Ashley Taylor

R&B Solo Artist

“My 7 year old has been going to this music school for a little over a year. The teachers are wonderful she loves going week after week. She takes singing and piano with Aubrey (who we love). She is so knowledgeable and patient. Electra, the owner truly cares about my girl’s progress and checks in with her weekly.  Today was my little one’s second LIVE show and the school put on quite the Production.  Anyone looking for a music School, whether for a child or adult – look no further.  Thank you Electra and Dan.”

Rami A.

“I was a little lost when my son asked for drum lessons… i found this school on facebook and checked yelp which had great reviews so I figured… lets try a lesson. My son really loves it here… mind you my son sometimes needs a push to work a little harder and Dan gave him just that, he kept in contact with me on what my son would need to work on and would work with me in holding him accountable when it’s obvious he hasnt been practicing. The school provides a safe comfortable environment for anyone who would like to explore their musical side and I am thrilled my son found his place here. As I hear them getting ready for their upcoming concert overall Im really happy we found this place.

Karen F.

“When rock band came out, many years ago, I started playing the drums. I thought “hey this is fun!” And it was the most realistic fake instrument of the game so I figured if I was good at that, maybe I should try real drumming!
After begging my parents, they finally agreed to let me take drum lessons with Dan.

I couldn’t have found a better first drum instructor! Dan is funny, patient and has a huge passion for drumming and teaching. I’ve learned so much over the years and because of him, I can consider myself a pretty good musician.”

Nicole L.

“My son and I both take lessons from Soundcheck and feel we are getting a great musical education from the crew over there.

My son is learning the drums from Dan Welby, owner and drum teacher at Soundcheck, and I was sold very early on by Dan’s methodical approach and detailed curriculum that built the foundation of skill from the basics up.  He is friendly, respectful, and exremely knowledgable and proficient with his instrument.

I am taking guitar from Darren McGuire, jack of all instruments, and teacher extroadinaire.  If you want to play it, he can teach you.  He is very knowledgable about music and music theory and I always walk away from my lessons feeling I’ve learned something new(after a lifetime playing music, that’s something).

I can’t say enough good things about the staff at Soundcheck.  They are dedicated, caring professionals who love music and will help you achieve your musical  goals.  They are well  worth the commute(and I should know, I come from the Palisades!)”

Adam E.

“I’ve been working with Electra for a little over a year now, and I feel my personal improvement has been extremely extensive and I feel more confident, satisfied, and proud of where my voice is at. She is an amazing teacher and makes the entire environment around you warm, welcoming, and accepting of whatever you have to offer. I can’t express how much Electra has helped me grow and improve as a singer and as a person! Love her!!”

Alyssa E.

“I was recommended to Electra by a friend, as I was looking to improve my range & vocal stamina. Within 2 lessons, Electra had my problems diagnosed and solved. What I learned is that a vast majority of my issues stemmed from proper breathing and placement.

She’s a strong, patient teacher, but she accepts nothing but your best effort. Her level of commitment to her students is amazing, often recognizing their hard work by sponsoring highly visible talent showcases.
I look forward to greater things to come from working with Electra, Dan, & the entire staff moving forward.”

Mike F.

“Electra is an amazing vocal coach and from what I can tell the rest of the teachers are amazing at what they do and teach too.  In just a few months of vocal lessons I went from “can’t hit a note” to singing on a stage, and I’ve unlocked parts of my voice I didn’t even know existed.  I’ve started taking guitar lessons here now too…  Soundcheck is the best!!”

Noah Hammond T.

“I’ve been working with Electra for about a year now. She’s an amazing voice coach and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She matches her knowledge with a true passion for teaching. Love her!”

Margaux G.

“My daughter Loves Loves Loves Electra! Her energy is purely contagious and my girl grew a few inches taller and more confident after the first class! We couldn’t continue classes since we had too many after school commitments that need to be rearranged, but my 7 year old keeps telling me that once we start taking classes again she will ONLY and ONLY agree to take it with Electra! Warms my heart to find people that pour their heart into what they do.”

~ Elizabeth S.

“I’ve been seeing Electra for a couple years now and vocally I’m much better now then when I started. I had tried a lot of different teachers before her, but none helped me the way Electra did. I recommend her to anyone who really wants to reach their true potential as a vocalist and artist!!”

Armande P.

“Through my career I have had many vocal teachers, but Electra at SoundCheck Music School is by far been the best. She can work with you on any level, from Classical, to Musical Theatre, to Pop, to Rock. She is very diverse and has the most effective techniques as well. In addition to this, she is the sweetest person too. I adore working with her. They also have excellent piano, guitar and drumming instructors as well. My daughter wants to learn an instrument as well, and as soon as she chooses one, SoundCheck Music School is where I will be taking her for lessons.”

Michelle R.

“Electra is a fabulous voice coach, and she and Dan run a very organized business at SoundCheck. She has been working with my son to help strengthen his speaking voice, and she really knows how to keep the lesson fun while staying on task.  I wish I could have had a voice coach like her when I was younger!”

Nonie S.

“We had such a great experience at SoundCheck! Electra and Dan are so passionate about music and it shows! My 5 year old son took guitar lessons there, and I was blown away by the patience and skill level demonstrated by his instructor Josh. If we hadn’t moved so far away, we’d still be attending! If you’re looking for a professional and fun music school, SoundCheck is the place!”

Gina H.

“Dan has been teaching me drums for the last few years and his patience is amazing! when I have asked him to teach me an arctic monkeys song one week and a tom petty song the next week – he does so with an energy you want in a teacher.
I’ve also done two showcases with SoundCheck and the experiences have been incredibly valuable! 
I recommend SoundCheck Music School – I tried drums once and haven’t stopped!”

Kay F.

“My 13 year old son has been taking drum lessons with Dan for almost 3 years. Dan works well with kids and students of all ages.  Right from the start Dan has students learning to play songs on the drum kit.  He lays down the techniques and he tailors his lessons to the needs, abilities and musical tastes of each student. And he always presents them with a difficult but positive challenge to work on.  I highly recommend Dan and the entire SoundCheck school for music lessons, not only to learn how to play an instrument but how to perform.  Stage confidence can be a big hurdle and SoundCheck helps its students through that as well.”

Eric S.

“I have had the privilege to take lessons from two incredibly talented instructors who happen to run the music school. Dan and Electra are so professional and teach with enthusiasm and patience, truly sharing their joy of music to their students. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn music and have fun doing it to sign up.”

K N.

“Simply Amazing!!!Electra turned my daughters dream of being a professional singer to a reality. They are tough, strong, loving and dedicated to their students, both kids and adults.”

Gina E.

“My daughter Shavanie has been with SoundCheck for about two months.

First off I must say Dan & Electra are very friendly and down to earth people.  My daughter does Vocal & Piano lessons with Electra, she is one of the best music coaches my daughter has worked with so far…… I am amazed by her progress.

She also does Guitar lessons with Josh, who is also amazing…she is finally enjoying her guitar 🙂

Since my daughter has been with SoundCheck she has shown more excitement towards music vocally and instrumentally. I can’t thank them enough! 🙂 ” 

Amanda C.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan for the last 5 years as a drumming student.

Not only is he knowledgeable and accomplished as a drummer, he is also patient and creative as a teacher. I’ve learned so much and grown remarkably as a musician. I cannot recommend him enough!”

Ike A.

“I started noticing a huge difference in my voice after one lesson! i felt very comfortable with Electra and overall had an amazing experience!”

Anahit S.

“I’ve been playing guitar off and on for roughly 25 years. I started at age 13 at my Junior High (when music was still taught in public schools). I learned the basics. But I never learned theory. Since then I’ve depended on friends to teach me what to play but I never knew the ins and outs or why’s.
So fast forward to about a month ago. I saw an ad for Soundcheck Music School. They had a great promo going. And I emailed them to get more info. I received an immediate reply from Dan Welby (Co-owner and instructor for drums). We set up an appointment that was convenient to me. I went in and had my trial lesson with Josh. He asked what my goals were and what he could help me with. We proceeded from there. Josh, I found to be very knowledgeable and passionate about guitar. He doesn’t teach at you. He works with you and explains and teaches in-depth. I found a whole new passion for guitar. Josh opened up the guitar to me and I see it in a whole new way. So much to discover.

So in summary. Soundcheck Music School works with YOUR schedule. They adjust the curriculum to your needs and level. And the owners and teachers are really nice people. I seen how they interact with adults and kids. I felt as if I’d known them forever, from the very start. If you’re considering lessons for yourself or your kids, give them a call or shoot them an email. Students are not just a number or another entry in their book. They genuinely care about what they do, and teaching others.”

Rudy V.

“Hands down the best music school in Los Angeles!! I’ve been taking Vocal Lessons with Electra for 5 months now. “Honey the name says it all! Electra is truly amazing!!
I am so grateful that I found her! The progress I’ve made in 5 months is priceless! I know without a doubt that if I stick with Electra my vision and dream of becoming a professional singer and performer is well in my grasp. She is the best! She has the talent, the skills, the Vocal Power Method, the passion, the love of music and she knows how it all works. And she knows how to get you singing! And Sounding Good too!

Oh! I almost forgot!! The range!!! She also has the amazing technique of teaching you how to reach the highest notes with ease and grace!! I love you Electra!! Keep on Shining SoundCheck Music School!!”




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