Dan Welby – Drums / Owner

Dan moved to Los Angeles from Massachusetts in 1999 to attend Musicians Institute, where he studied percussion. After graduating from MI, Dan started teaching and building a solid student base throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. He has enjoyed a solid schedule with an average of 40 students per week for the last 12 years.

Dan’s drumming career began back in 1992, where he was playing music with friends and studying with the local drum teacher. Since moving to Los Angeles Dan has been a part of several bands and projects. He has played live shows throughout the United States while on tour, has been involved in many music videos and has also been involved in many professional recording sessions with top notch producers in Hollywood.

Dan is currently the drummer for: Electra, Time And The Dragon, and Colin Reid. His past bands include: Hostile Groove, Hell Hath No Fury, Time Out, Damn Hippie Freaks, and Black Moon Dog.

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Electra Barakos was born in Los Angeles California, but raised in Athens, Greece. Influenced by her father who is a professional Bass player, Electra started her music career from a very early age. She started playing piano when she was 6 years old, wrote her first song and recorded it when she was 8, was involved in a professional children’s choir in Greece, performed for the Greek Prime Minister, and attended a Performing arts high school in Athens. After graduating she returned to Los Angeles to continue her music studies and to pursue a music career.

Today Electra holds a Bachelors degree in Music – Opera, and is the lead singer/co-songwriter of her original rock pop band. With her original Rock – Pop, self titled ELECTRA, they have opened up for some amazing artists such as Lita Ford, Berlin, Missing Persons, Great White, Jared Lee, Dilana, and was part of the 2010 Sunset Strip Music Festival along with Smashing Pumpkins, Slash, Neon Trees, and more, and the 2011 SSMF along with Motley Crue, Public Enemy, Bush and more. They have released an Ep “Problem Child” and their debut full length album “These Times” was released in 2015. On the album “These Times” they worked with world renowned producer Mike Plotnikoff (Papa Roach, Kelly Clarkson, Halestorm), and the album includes the song “I Can’t Breathe”, which features Phil X of Bon Jovi, on guitar and bouzouki.

Aside from sharing the stage with famous artists, and being a working session vocalist, Electra is also known for being a finalist on The Voice of Greece, Season 2. 

Electra has been teaching voice for over 10 years and is a certified Vocal Power Instructor. In 2016, she earned the title of Director of Vocal Power Academy, Los Angeles, founded by Elisabeth Howard. She has helped her students get on television singing competitions, accepted in prestigious music schools, and get signed to major record labels. As her students have stated “Electra works MAGIC! She helps you find your voice! A voice you never thought you had!!”  

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Darren McGuire – Bass / Guitar / Ukelele / Piano / Sax

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love…you make.”  When your parents met working together at a record shop in the ‘70s, it’s kind of hard to avoid being indoctrinated with music and eventually taking it on as a career.  The Beatles, The Police/Sting, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel, Elton John, Pink Floyd and other similar artists became the aural fabric of my life.  I was filled with music from day 1; it got in me, it’s still there and it’s never going away.  

From those humble beginnings in Allentown, Pennsylvania, it led me to live in places such as Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, where I’ve been based since 2010.  It has influenced every decision in my life.  I’ve been fortunate enough to tour all over the United States, and perform on cruise ships internationally, all while playing just about every style/genre of music you can imagine.  I may have come up with rock, but jazz, Latin, R&B, soul, gospel, reggae, hip hop, country, classical and even musical theatre have all had a major influence on me.  I’ve recorded multiple instruments on a multitude of albums.  7 different instruments to be exact, but my biggest love, the bass, is the instrument I have logged most of my work on.

However, my two most favorite things to do in music are write, and teach.  Why?  Because I get to utilize the vast knowledge I’ve gained along the way.  I received my bachelor’s degree in Bass Performance from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA in 2013, receiving the Outstanding Student Award.  I learned much about writing songs, music theory, and the business of music.  So why not share?  Music is fun, it is inspiring, and it is moving.  It’s sewn into the fabric of our lives.  It tells our stories, and mine is no exception.  As a musician, I feel it is my duty to share what I know and pass on the great tradition of music, so that it may live on with us.

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Aubrey Buchanan – Vocals / Piano

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Aubrey grew up with the music industry in her living room. It seemed obvious that she would eventually pursue a career within it. Aubrey was hired for her first session when she was 9 years old and from that moment on, she was hooked and never looked back. She has since gone on to sing for films and television shows such as the Grammy’s and The Ellen Show, as well as background vocals for major artists such as Justin Timberlake, Billie Eilish, Camilla Cabello, Kanye West, and Chris Stapleton. In addition to working as a session singer in Los Angeles, she currently sings with the Metropolitan Master Chorale and the Los Angeles based funk/soul/R&B band The Deep Cuts.

Aubrey attended the Musicians Institute and graduated with a degree in Vocal Performance and technique. She has been teaching voice, and piano for over a decade, and has extensive knowledge in vocal anatomy, technique, placement, breathing, and all genres/vocal styles. She is dedicated to helping all of her students reach their full potential, and has experience teaching students of all ages, and skill levels.

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Jayme Palmer – Vocals / Piano

Jayme Palmer is a multi-genre singer and voiceover artist, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Jayme spent the last year traveling around the world as a backup singer for legendary crooner, Engelbert Humperdinck. Besides Mr. Humperdinck, Jill Scott and Matt Cermanski, of The Voice, are just a couple of the other artists she has had a pleasure of backing up in a live setting. 

Her voice can be heard on the most recent television shows, “Vanderpump Rules”, “The Flash” and “Sleepy Hollow”. Jayme is a featured vocalist on albums by artists Ben Labat, Tribal Campagne and released her own EP, “Christmas Wishes” in 2015. 

Besides live and in-studio backup and solo work, Jayme also travels and performs with many live bands, including Los Angeles’ premiere 1940’s-style big band, Wartime Radio Revue. 

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Richard Wynne – Guitar / Vocals / Keys / Songwriting / Music Production

You wouldn’t know it from his “Top Forty” style songwriting discography,  but Richard Wynne has been touring the world as one of LA’s “top gun” guitarist and vocalists for years. Sharing the stage with groups like LMFAO, Fall Out Boy, Kehlani, and even his own band on countless tours and sessions, Richard is lucky enough to endorse multiple brands like Ernie Ball Strings, Roland, DW Drums, and Burns London Guitars (the later inducting him as their Youngest Artist yet at the ripe age of 14) from the arenas to the recording booth. One day he may be in the studio with Ariana Grande, and the next he’s playing solos behind his back at the El Rey in Los Angeles, but either way a guitar’s probably not too far.
A true “multi instrumentalist” and theory buff, his musical vocabulary knows few bounds; placing songs with artists like Rihanna and G-Eazy while composing for TV networks like Nickelodeon. Currently Richard tours and records with the internationally acclaimed band BlckBx (Pronounced black box) who’s song “MGNTK” debuted on Radio Disneyprompting a 2 week long take over of the station, and is currently in full rotation on Disney, 97.9 FM, DASH Radio and more.
Still, he knows one of the most lucrative gifts he was ever given was one of knowledge by passionate teachers and mentors. Richard developed a passion for teaching early on, giving his first lessons out of the local NOVA Community College program at 16. Since then he has taught guitar at University of Maryland, George Mason University (as well as Jazz Big Band Composition/Arrangement), well as given master classes in both Guitar and Production at UCLA and Loyola Marymount. He maintains the best method for learning is one based on passion. If the students don’t want to stop playing, then you’ll never have to ask them to practice.
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Nathan is a multi – instrumentalist/vocalist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Nathan’s love for music started at an early age, tuning in to what was on the radio and playing any instruments he could find. 

In elementary School, Nathan started piano lessons, in Jr. high he began drums, and in high school Nathan began playing guitar. He developed as a musician while playing in church and high School jazz band, singing in choir and jamming with friends. 

Nathan graduated from Cal. State Northridge with a Bachelors Degree in Jazz studies. After that, Nathan traveled the world on cruise ships playing drums in the stage band and performing as a guitar soloist. 

Nathan has taught guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and voice students as well as directing bands. He taught at the Claudia Roberts music studio, Pali Rockstar Camp, and the California Arts Program. 


Born and raised in Sacramento California, Tom began taking drum lessons at the age of 10. He participated in school music programs from elementary through high school played snare drum for the Concord Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. He was awarded a music scholarship to CSU Fresno in 1999. Tom received his bachelor’s degree in business in 2003, and in 2007 moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.

With an appreciation for playing all styles of music, he has accepted gigs and session work from a large cross section of artists in Southern California. Tom is also a passionate educator and has been teaching since 2001. Early teaching experience included working with drum lines for the Concord Blue Devils B, Sacramento Freelancers, and the Madison Scouts Drum and Bugle Corps. Tom began teaching private lessons in 2006 and has worked with students of all age and skill ranges. In 2013 Tom became a member of the drum faculty at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood. Since joining the staff at MI he has created a fundamentals focused elective called The Rudimental Workout. The class draws from years of drum and bugle corps experience to teach drum set students valuable lessons and short cuts to developing a strong rudimental foundation.

Nicole Carson is a rock vocalist living in Los Angeles. Originally from the Bay Area, she began singing in the 1st grade performing in choirs and rock bands all the way through her senior year of high school. Coming from a musically gifted family where her grandfather was a concert pianist and great grandmother was an opera singer, her family made sure she was constantly surrounded by music. “As a young child, my musical influences ranged from orchestral and operatic music to pop rock and heavy metal, I loved everything from Roy Orbison to the Beatles to Metallica to Blink 182. I was a little rock child, I just loved to sing and headbang.” She also studied piano, guitar, and music theory when she was in middle school. Her parents enrolled her in an intensive opera institute in San Jose where she did full opera performances (Phantom of The Opera and La Boheme were her favorites) until 2005 when she moved down to LA on a music scholarship to California State University Long Beach.

She stayed there for 2 years, but realized she wanted to focus on more contemporary vocal styles such as hard rock, metal, & classic rock. She moved to Hollywood to attend Musicians Institute and studied Vocal Performance and Music Business until 2009. Immediately after graduating, Nicole was asked to be the front woman in a soundtrack symphonic metal band, a studio singer, and worked as a rock vocal coach and band coach. With her symphonic metal band, they won numerous film festival awards such as Best Music Video and Best Song of the Year. Nicole also worked on the business side of the industry doing artist management and marketing for multiple indie record labels such as The Militia Group and SideCho Records while freelancing at local music venues in event production.

Over the last 15 years she has fronted multiple original and cover/tribute bands such as her current band, a 90’s grunge/alternative cover band The Flannels. She has performed in venues all around the country such as the Canyon Club, The Whisky, The Viper Room, Saint Rocke, Chain Reaction, House Of Blues, The Roxy, Lucky Strike, The Satellite, The Troubadour, Palladium, Come and Take It Live, & Hard Rock Live.

You can hear more about Nicole and her journey on a handful of podcasts and featured interviews including Voyage LA Magazine, Dream Big Series, Comedy Network Live, Produced By A Girl Podcast, & Anyway Whatever Podcast. “I am a huge advocate & mentor for personal & professional development. In addition to working in music I’ve also worked in Sports, Live TV broadcasting, Event Producing in large venues & arenas, you name it! I love sharing my story of working in the Entertainment Industry here in LA. I hope it influences people to have confidence & realize you really can do it all!”

Currently, she is focusing on a handful of collaborations and projects while finishing a full-length album with her original metalcore band, Awake Through Sleep.

“As a vocalist, I love being able to combine my operatic and classical training with my passion and love for rock. When you need to belt super high notes with breath control and stamina, I thank all that intense training. I can’t wait to teach that to my students!”

Check Nicole out at https://nicolecarsonmusic.com/