DRUM Lessons In Hidden Hills

Looking for drum lessons in Hidden Hills? Our experienced instructors offer personalized lessons for all ages and skill levels. Sign up now and take your drumming to the next level! Serving the Hidden Hills area with drum lessons for beginners, intermediates, and advanced drummers. With our drum lessons, you will discover what you are capable of and have fun playing.

Beginner Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons

At SoundCheck Music School, even beginners with no prior experience can start learning to drum right away. Our unique approach gets students behind the kit during their very first session, where they will learn foundational practices as well as solos or fills for any song they choose. Students will receive instruction from industry-level musicians on the basics, including proper form, stick-holding, seating style, metronome use, drum notation, and drumming styles and techniques. Private one-on-one lessons are the first step, followed by the option to join our band program, which includes band rehearsals and live gigs with a SoundCheck Music School band.

Drum Lessons Hidden Hills

Courses For 

Experienced Drummers

We offer a more rigorous curriculum for our advanced drummers, covering topics such as music theory, technique, improvisation, music notation, and composition. However, we always tailor our instruction to the individual needs and goals of each student.

We give every student the opportunity to participate in our band program and showcase their talent in live performances at school shows.

Our program is led by qualified instructors who are experienced studio recording artists and performers. They will guide you at a pace that suits your learning style. The best part of our program is that students learn and perfect their instruments by playing songs from their favorite artists, making the experience enjoyable and fun.

At this level, we strongly encourage enrolling in our band program. Please click here  for further details about our band program.

Online & In Person Drum Lessons in Hidden Hills

Drum Lessons Hidden Hills

For the safety and convenience of our students and their families, we provide both online and in-person drum lessons in Hidden Hills, with the online curriculum being identical to in-person instruction.

Learn more about our music teachers.

Live Drumming Performances

Drum Lessons Hidden Hills
Live Drumming Performances
Live Drumming Performances
Live Drumming Performances

Consider joining our live performance program!


Are Drum Lessons Available for Young Children, Such as Four-Year-Olds, At Soundcheck?

We believe that children of all ages should have the chance to learn music! While we recommend a minimum age of 7 to begin drum lessons, we are always willing to evaluate a young child’s readiness to learn.

If you think your child is interested in drumming, or you would like to introduce them to music at an early age, feel free to contact us for more information. We offer discounted trial lessons, providing an opportunity for you to observe your child with as many instruments and teachers as you’d like to better help you decide if they are ready to play.

Are Drums Provided by Soundcheck Music School, or do Students Need to Have Their Own?

Although it’s beneficial to have your own drum set, we can supply one for in-lesson use if needed; however, it’s essential to note that without regular at-home practice on a personal drum set, progress may be gradual. We’d love to talk to you about our instrument starter packages to help with acquiring your own set! Just give us a call.

How Long Does it Take to Get Good at Playing Drums?

The answer is subjective and varies from person to person. It is determined by various factors such as time spent practicing, natural ability, and the willingness to stick to a consistent practice routine. That being said, improvement usually corresponds to the amount of time spent practicing, but excessive and forced practice can lead to setbacks. To form good habits, we advise students to consult with their drum instructor to create a practice schedule that works best for them.

Does SoundCheck offer private drum lessons in Hidden Hils?

Certainly! Our drum lessons in Hidden Hills are all one-on-one with an experienced teacher around the Hidden Hills area, and tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each student.

Are online lessons available at SoundCheck Music School?

We offer the flexibility to choose between in-person or online classes via Zoom. Our instructors are available to assist you in enhancing your skills, understanding fundamental musical concepts, participating in the Live Band Program with other musicians, and much more.

Moreover, we can even provide the option to combine both in-person and online classes. If you wish to schedule a single online or in-person lesson for any reason, we can accommodate you when you choose to take drum lessons in Hidden Hills.

Is participation in the live performance or band program mandatory for all drum students?

No. To participate in the live performances or bands, a student must attain a particular level of proficiency in drumming.

Nevertheless, we encourage our students to engage in live performances and bands as soon as possible, as we believe that playing music with other musicians is one of the most effective and wonderful ways to learn. This is an integral aspect of our approach at SoundCheck Music School.



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