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Offering Piano Lessons Canoga Park for beginners to experienced Piano players.

Piano & Keyboard
For Beginners


We teach piano and keyboard lessons in a way that can be considered different from the traditional beginner lessons. We do this is by teaching them to play pieces from their favorite artist right from the start. This allows the students to not dread learning their fundamentals because they are also having fun learning their favorite songs.

Students will also be taught. basic concepts like finger placement, pedaling, chord shapes, scales, rhythm and tempos.

We start off with private one on one piano lessons and then graduate the student into paired band rehearsals and then when we feel they are ready they will play live gigs with a full SoundCheck Music School band with an actual audience, this is actually part of our band program. Take a look at some live performance showcases from our band program here. Call today for Piano Lessons Canoga Park 747-226-1430. 

Guitar Lessons

Advanced Piano & Keyboard Lessons

Our intermediate to advanced players will build upon their skills of music theory, reading music, improvisation, technique and composing. That being said, what we teach will depend on the students goals as a musician. All experienced students are given the opportunity to perform in our live band program which includes performance showcases with live audiences in public venues.

You will be working with piano instructors who are trained studio recording artists and performing musicians. Our teachers will develop your skills at a pace that is right for you and they will teach you fundamentals and music theory using the music and songs you love to listen to.

We also highly encourage our advanced students to join our band program. For more info on our band program click here.

Online Piano Classes
& In Person Lessons

Vocal Lessons

Every students health and safety is a priority for us, which is why we’re offer online piano lessons in addition to in-person lessons.  Students choosing to take keyboard and piano classes online will be taught using the same curriculum we use for in person classes.

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